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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


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The Sea…. the scent of the sea. Oristano…so much sea… and beaches, so many beaches. But today I’d like to tell you about one in particular. It is said to be not just any beach, with any sea; it is said that when God decided to create a beach to join a sea, he imagined the beach of Is Arutas.


Is Aruttas

Since Is Arutas is not only a beautiful beach with a beautiful sea but it is unique in the world, with its brilliant quartz pebbles in whites, greens, ambers, and shades of black. The most transparent turquoise water caresses them, without disturbing their rest.

The wild Mediterranean scrub frames the scene harmonizing and perfuming it with rosemary, juniper, and dwarf palm trees. It feels new, yet surrounded by ancient remnants of the past, still to be discovered.

And the sunsets… the sunsets on the sea of Is Arutas are unique postcards, held in the heart, in the mind, in the emotions of the soul and, I swear, do not fade with time.

They are endless memories that you will keep inside.


photo Paolo Sanna

Now…. imagine the precious grains of polished quartz that caress your skin and body… relax and listen to the undertow with its stories, close your eyes and enjoy the shining sun that gives you a feeling of warmth, think of the wind, the breeze that comes from the sea and softens the precious gift of the sun. No, you are not in a meditation class. You are here to be amazed and emotionally changed.

You can enjoy it in winter when the mistral fills it with energy and movement. In spring, when the warm sun illuminates it; in summer when the colorful game of so many umbrellas make it sparkling and playful; and then…the autumn, yes… the mild autumn that this sacred island offers us, what better time to meet and live it.

Every season is the ideal time to enjoy the pleasure of the sea snd the color of the sun that illuminates the magical quartz beach and accompanies you on a path of scents, flavors, and sensations that involve all your senses.

Think about it; pack your suitcase and get to her- Is Arutas will welcome you.

The quartz sand of Is Arutas is protected and removing even very small quantities as souvenirs is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

Copyright photos: Paolo Sanna and Giorgia Virdis



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