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Monday, September 21, 2020


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Pedocin-dooid.jpgDuring summer Trieste is a destination chosen by lot of tourists, who are attracted by its history and its Middle-European atmosphere and want to see historic buildings, numerous museums, literary cafès, handicraft shops and “osterie” (wine bars) scattered throughout the alleys of the old town.

However, for the locals, being in Trieste during summer means one thing: go to the beach without leaving the city.

Near Trieste there is a very popular, astonishing coastline which extends until Sistiana, but the first and easiest choice of the inhabitants of Trieste are beach resorts (“Bagni”) located in the city center.

The “Lanterna” and “Ausonia” beaches ensure unique experiences and the possibility to choose different activities. These beaches are very close to the historic part of the city, therefore it’s quite common to see people getting off of work carrying a bag with bathing suits to go there.

The “Lanterna” beach resort is undoubtedly the most loved from locals: they call it “El Pedocin” (“pedoci” are mussels in the local dialect, and the name is related to the characteristic mussels-covered rocks of this part of the shore), and this beach is open throughout the year (even during the winter!).

The main characteristic of this beach is that it is divided in two parts, one reserved only to women, the other to men, the only one in Italy which still maintains this division. After entering the main gate (1,00 € for the ticket), ladies go to the left and gentlemen to the right: a wall separates the beach ensuring total privacy, and a net entering in the water for several meters prevents potential “intrusions” from the sea.

Women from Trieste usually meet here to chat and play cards, mums enjoy tanning without worrying about their children drifting away; men appreciate the freedom of a couple of beers while playing chess and the heated debates on some of the local newspaper (“Il Piccolo”) article.

Even if the water here is not so deep as in other parts of the shore, it is very funny to spend some time at the “Pedocin”: this beach resort is so peculiar that a documentary called  “L’ultima spiaggia” (the last beach) was shoot here and presented during the Cannes Festival in 2016.

If you are looking for something more “traditional”, then the “Ausonia” beach resort will be perfect for you.

It offers spacious terraces, fully equipped with chaise longues and umbrellas, wooden piers, a big open-air swimming pool with seawater, access to the sea directly through the beach, diving platforms, locker rooms, a bar and a restaurant with a sea view.

Moreover, and that’s what the locals appreciate most, starting from June and till the end of August the local organizations of yoga, Thai-chi, Zumba, country dance and the local masseurs and holistic therapists who want to get known offer lessons and free massages on the external terraces. This part of the resort is freely accessible and let you look around and enjoy a fresh beer or a “spritz” (sparkling water with wine, also available in the local revised version with grapefruit or orange soda instead of water).

So, find a bit of time for the beach during your tour of the city: it can be the perfect final stop after a walk under the sun. Starting from Piazza Unità d’Italia (the biggest square in Europe overlooking the sea ), you can walk along the “rive” (the main street that run along the sea), see the Salone degli Incanti and its art exhibitions and then reach the “Lanterna” and the “Ausonia” Beach Resorts.

A visit to the Revoltella museum of modern art is highly recommended.

After a refreshing swim in the sea, it will be very easy to find a nice place for dinner: in the main street of the “rive” you can find plenty of restaurants offering fresh fish, pizza or the typical Austrian-style cuisine.

Copyright photo 1: discover-trieste.it

Copyright photo 3: macridetoni.it

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