Stay in the Tuscan Hills in this Farmhouse Package

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Among the lush, rolling green hills and vineyards rise the bell towers of characteristic, charming Tuscan villages and thanks to this package, you can be there too!

Cost and Terms & Conditions

double room= 66€

with dooid, you’ll pay just 60€ (iva included)!!

discount can be applied to multiple-night stays.

  • overnight stay
  • breakfast

Payment method: a 20% deposit due at booking by bank transfer. Balance due upon check-in. Offer valid through July.

How to Book: read the final paragraph and complete the form below.

What to See and Do in Tuscany

soggiorno-toscanaThe strategic location of this farmhouse bed & breakfast will allow you to reach some of the major cities of the Tuscany region, and also the neighboring villages. Pisa is an important Italian city, provincial capital and archiepiscopal center. This magnificent city is located on the Arno river and had its heyday from the 11th to the 13th century: an important cultural center both in the past and in the present, with the university founded in 1343 and the famous Scuola Normale Superiore. The Piazza del Duomo is the most important artistic and tourist center of Pisa composed of the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Campo Santo and the Campanile. Obviously, this is the place where the elusive “Leaning Tower” is located.

Famous Tuscan dishes that can be traced back to its past are beans, fish, and cod in particular. “Torta co bischeri” is probably the most famous and is usually made in May during traditional festivals. 


Livorno is a port city that boasts excellent fish cuisine and a charming neighborhood called Venezia Nuova. Located right in the center, its bridges, canals and squares preserve some of the atmosphere of the Serenissima. This district was founded in the 18th century in order to transport goods to the port through the canals and warehouses for storage in the elegant buildings for the merchant class.

Nature offers breathtaking views in this area: the island of Capraia, which is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is an unspoiled paradise. Capraia is also the perfect place for diving, snorkeling, boat trips and stops on lovely coves or beautiful beaches.

Lari is a fraction that constitutes the capital of the scattered Italian municipality of Casciana Terme Lari, in the province of Pisa, in Tuscany. In the past, Lari was an important political, administrative and agricultural center, actually performing the function of “capital of the Pisan Hills” for centuries. Along with a pleasant walk in the historic center, you won’t want to miss the Castello dei Vicari.

In a short time you can also reach the charming Tuscan cities of Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena and Montalcino.

How to Book

If you’d like to book this fantastic Tuscan holiday, fill out the form below including your mobile number if you wish to be contacted by phone- otherwise, we will email you. If you have any special requests, feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! You can also contact us on our Facebook page- we reply quickly!


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Lucca and the Surrounding Area

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Have you ever visited the beautiful city of Lucca? Have you ever been there when the camellias are in full bloom? Have you ever dressed up as a ninja with your friends for the famous Lucca Comics event? If not, the time has come for you and a group of friends or family to make unforgettable memories in Lucca! 



Cost and Terms & Conditions

Up to 4 guests ( 2 rooms ) € 160,00/per night.

Each additional person is € 25.00 / night. The offer varies according to the number of people.

Minimum stay 4 nights

10% off only with dooid (taxes included) on a minimum of a 7-night stay

An additional security deposit of € 400.00 is required for any damage caused to the property which will be refunded upon check out, after checking the house.

The reservation can be made up to two days before arrival subject to availability,

Payment Method: by bank transfer

Cancellation policy: free up to 30 days before arrival, after this deadline, 50% of the price of the stay will not be refunded.

Interesting Facts about the Apartment and the Area

The house was built around 1784, when it originally housed nuns. In the early 1900’s, however, it was transformed into a small farm and villagers went here to buy fresh milk and pork. Inside the structure, there are still some existing hooks which were used for hanging and drying pork. This went on up until the 1960’s. The building has been finely restored, preserving the stone exterior, and is ready to offer tourists an authentic experience.


The structure is located in the neighborhood called vicinato, perhaps because it is isolated, but yet close to the real village. This area is the oldest part of the town and if its walls could only talk! The most popular legend is surely that of “La Ciofa“. She was a witch, or at least considered a witch by the whole population, to whom accidents, misfortunes and various diseases were attributed. She was arrested in August 1720, only to be interrogated and tortured repeatedly. “La Ciofa” continued to proclaim her innocence; she avoided being burned at the stake, but was sentenced to ten years in prison.


What to Do and See

The Lucchesia, as it’s known in Italianis an area of Tuscany rich in art and culture, but also in various events that attract tourists and enthusiasts from all over Italy and beyond!

Borgo delle camelie lucca dooidThe city of Lucca is one of the jewels of Tuscany. The town is protected by walls on which you can take pleasant walks accompanied by the sound of rustling trees. You’ll see the famous towers (Torre delle Ore and Torre del Guinigi) above the rooftops. In the historic center you’ll find the Cathedral: Lucca is nicknamed the “city of a hundred churches” due to the large number of sanctuaries scattered within the city walls.

Borgo delle camelie lucca dooid

As you wander along the cobblestone streets of the city and window shop, you’ll make your way to Piazza Napoleone, or Piazza Grande as it’s known by the locals. This is where most of the events, such as Lucca Comics and Games and the otaku event, take place. The piazza is also home to concerts like the Lucca Summer Festival which brings international stars such as Elton John.

Going back towards the village of the camellias, or Pieve and Sant’Andrea di Compito, art and nature come together. Strolling along the streets of these villages, you’ll be able to witness the most spectacular camellias, parks and historic villas. Sant’Andrea di Compito is a charming Tuscan village with narrow streets, stone walls, ancient buildings and even some villas from the 1700s.

How to Book

If you wish to purchase this fantastic Lucchesia apartment, simply fill in the contact form below including your mobile number. Otherwise we will reply by e-mail. Or if you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to e-mail us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
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Visiting Livorno: Sun, Islands, Flavours, and City-Life

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Have you ever considered visiting Tuscany’s coast? Livorno could be the perfect combination of city and sea. With its approximately 160,000 residents, it is the second largest city in Tuscany. Don’t expect the typical Tuscan medieval village here! Get ready for a port city that boasts excellent seafood cuisine, and a charming Venetian-style neighborhood with canals and beaches that extend to the south of the city. You can experience all this and much more by booking your stay in Livorno!

cosa fare a livorno dooid

What to Do and See


cosa fare a livorno dooidLocated in the center of Livorno, the evocative neighborhood of Venezia Nuova with its bridges, canals and squares, preserves some of the atmosphere of the Serenissima. This district was created in the 1700s in order to transport goods to the port and warehouses for storage in the elegant buildings for the merchant class. You will also have the opportunity to visit this area by boat along the canals that lead to the sea!

cosa fare a livorno dooid

Made immortal by the verses of Giosuè Carducci, just 50km from Livorno, rises the antique village of Bolgheri. The medieval castle lies at the end of a very long, tree-lined avenue. The town is not far from the coast and is immersed in the countryside full of vineyards and olive trees. Several ancient churches, the childhood home of the poet Giosuè Carducci and the Oratory of San Guido can also be visited. The village atmosphere is quaint with various artisan shops, wine bars, taverns and restaurants. The Bolgheri area is, above all, known for its excellent wine production.

The natural beauty of the area is stunning. The island of Capraia, which is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is a wild and uncontaminated paradise. Capraia is a place where you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, boating and discovering lovely coves and beautiful beaches.

cosa fare a livorno dooid


 120,00€ per person

The offer is valid from March 9, 2019 to June 2, 2019 and from August 31, 2019 to September 22, 2019.
The price includes: two nights in a double room with breakfast and a three-course dinner in the hotel restaurant.
Wine not included.

Terms & Conditions

cosa fare a livorno dooidReservations must be made between 30 and 7 days before arrival.

A credit card is required at reservation and balance due at check out.
Cancellation policy: free cancellation up to 3 days before check-in; 50% penalty on the total amount of the reservation with cancellation one day from the arrival; and 100% if the cancellation is made the day of check-in.

How to Book

If you wish to purchase this fantastic Livorno package, simply fill in the contact form below including your mobile number. Otherwise we will reply by e-mail. Or if you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to e-mail us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
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 cosa fare a livorno dooid

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Relaxing Weekend in Catania

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How does a relaxing weekend in CataniaSicily sound? Overlooking the Ionian Sea and Mt. Etna, you’ll discover Catania’s art and natural beauty. With this special package you can enjoy a well-deserved break and indulge in Catania’s amazing cuisine!


Cost and Terms & Conditions

199€ per couple (meat dinner menu)

225€ per couple (fish dinner menu)

Offer Includes:

  • 2 nights in a double deluxe room with breakfast
  • 4-course dinner with wine tasting (3 glasses DOC wine)
  • shuttle service from airport/port/station

Payment Method: Deposit of 99 € required, balance due at check in. You can book at any time, even last minute (subject to availability).

How to Purchase: Read the final paragraph and fill out the form below

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation policy: the deposit amount paid will not be refunded, but you will be given the option of applying it towards a credit for a future reservation (within 6 mos).

Valid During: all year except 3-day weekends and holidays at which point there would be an increase of the offer price.


The Hotel

An oasis in the baroque heart of Catania where you’ll enjoy the comforts of personalized rooms, completely renovated spaces, furnishings and colors.

On the fourth floor of the building (equipped with elevator) you will enjoy a 180 ° view from the covered terrace of the most beautiful façade of the city center, in an area with limited evening traffic on weekends.
Ideal for leisure stays, individual or group, or business trips, you will be “pampered” by the managers and the attentive and dedicated staff. Free Wifi, available in all indoor and outdoor areas.

Also available for your leisure: a reading area with seasonal guides and information, tour desk, book-exchange and relaxation room, with refrigerator and drinks, kettle and herbal tea, toaster and microwave.


What to Do and See

Catania is not just a city of art! It overlooks a crystal clear sea just waiting to be discovered! 
The Riviera dei Ciclopi or the Cyclops Riviera is stunning: characterized by black lava that has reached the sea. Equally beautiful and noteworthy are the Grotte di Ulisse or the Ulysses Grotto where you can take a swim in the clear waters. In the fishing village of Acitrezza you can visit the protected area around the Faraglioni and the Lachea Island by pedal boat. And you cannot leave without tasting the best granita and pastries in the area at the Eden Bar!

pacchetto-weekend-rilassanteAdmiring Mount Etna, whose prominent outline is the backdrop to the whole city, is obviously a must.

Besides the amazing gifts of Mother Nature, you’ll also want to visit the Cathedral of St. Agnes which dominates the Piazza del Duomo; the town hall and the elephant fountain; the Roman Theater; Via Etnea and so much more!

How to Book

If you wish to purchase this fantastic Sicilian package, simply fill in the contact form below including your mobile number. Otherwise we will reply by e-mail. Or if you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to e-mail us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
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Tuscan-Emilian Appenines Getaway

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Tired of the monotony of everyday life? Stressed by city life and work? Do you need a break to relax and unwind? If you love nature- we have the perfect solution for you with this package! The Tuscan-Emilian Appenines will give you a well deserved respite from the daily routine while you breathe in lungfuls of fresh, clean air and enjoy the outdoors.

pacchetto-appennino-tosco-emilianoCost and Terms & Conditions

Double room= 90€ per couple

Included in the Offer: 

  • breakfast
  • dinner (choice of pizza or other courses)

The offer is valid from March 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 (subject to availability).

Payment Method: Payment on site by credit card, debit card or cash. Reserve anytime (subject to availability)

How to Purchase: Read the final paragraph and complete the form below

Cancellation Policy: Free within 24 hours before


What to Do and See

Castiglione dei Pepoli is a village of just five thousand inhabitants. Surrounded by greenery, it is seven hundred meters above sea level, in the middle of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. There are loads of activities to choose from that suit all tastes.

tuscan-emilian-appenines-bike-packageThe most recommended are trekking on the Dalla lana alla seta (From the Wool to the Silk) path and bike rides. You can even rent electric-assist mountain bikes for a less tiring alternative; and for the more adventurous, cycling trips in the woods!

There are plenty of opportunities to admire what Mother Nature has to offer on various trails. The paths around Lake Brasimone are certainly noteworthy and even became a research center financed by European Union in February 2019. Other equally beautiful lakes are  that of Santa Maria and Lake Suviana.

In addition to a wonderful landscape, Castiglione dei Pepoli also offers history and culture. You won’t want to miss the Boccadirio Sanctuary and the Rocchetta Mattei Castle.

In the summer, in addition to the many local activities, you can not miss the opportunity to go in search of porcini mushrooms! A true delicacy of the territory, the beech, oak and chestnut woods are abundant with these fungi. 

How to Purchase

If you wish to purchase the package for your escape to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, fill in the contact form below and if you wish to be contacted by phone, make sure to include your mobile number. Otherwise, we will reply by e-mail. If you need to communicate special needs, do not hesitate to e-mail us at and we will strive to meet all your needs!
Alternatively, you can always contact us on our Facebook page, we respond quickly!

appennino-tosco-emiliano-biciclettaPackage Code: 201902211516

Catania Holiday

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A stay in Catania, a city in Sicily overlooking the Ionian Sea and dominated by Mt. Etna, to discover its art and natural beauty.


Cost and Terms & Conditions

195,00€ per person

Offer includes:

  • 3 nights in a double deluxe room with breakfast
  • welcome drink and fruit basket upon arrival
  • 1 day sailboat excursion
  • light, fish lunch aboard
  • pedal boat for exploring protected marine area
  • snorkeling mask and fins
  • shuttle service from airport/station/port

Additional nights: € 75,00 per night with breakfast

Payment Method: 99 euro deposit required with balance due upon check-in. Book at any time (subject to availability).

How to Book: read the final paragraph and complete the form below.

Cancellation policy: no fee if cancelled at least 30 days prior to check-in, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. 

Valid during: July, August and September– subject to availability. During the August 15th holiday, a minimum stay of 5 nights required.


The Hotel

It’s an ideal oasis in the baroque heart of Catania where you’ll enjoy the comforts of its completely renovated, personalized rooms.

From the building’s fourth floor (with elevator) terrace you will enjoy a 180 ° view of the city center. Car traffic is limited on the weekends to make it even more pleasant.
Ideal for leisure stays, individual or group, or business trips, you will be “pampered” by the managers and the attentive staff. Free Wifi, available in all indoor and outdoor environments.

A reading area with seasonal guides and information, tour desk, book-exchange and relaxation room with refrigerator and drinks, kettle and herbal tea, toaster and microwave are also available for guests.


Catania is not just famous for its art, it also overlooks a crystal clear sea that is just waiting to be discovered!

This is why we propose a whole day sailboat excursion to the protected marine area of ​​the Ciclopi Riviera. We sail in the morning at 9am from the port (about 300 meters from the B & B) and sail along the beautiful rocky coast, characterized by the black color of lava flows that reach the sea. During the journey, an expert skipper will teach you the basics of the sailboat and the basic maneuvers. You’ll feel like a true sailor for a day. Our first stop is the natural sea caves, the Grotte di Ulisse, for a swim in the clear waters. We’ll pass by Acicastello, with its unmistakable landscape, to finally reach the fishing village of Acitrezza. By pedal boat, we’ll visit the protected area of Faraglioni and Lachea Island. You’ll dine on a delicious seafood lunch cooked on board and in the afternoon, enjoy a walk in the village center (don’t miss the area’s best granita (Italian ice) with croissant at the Eden Bar). Return to the port of Catania is scheduled for 18:30.

How to Book

If you’d like to book this fantastic holiday in Catania, fill out the form below including your mobile if you wish to be contacted by phone; otherwise, we’ll email you. If you have special requests, feel free to email us at and we’ll try our best to accommodate you. You can also write to us on our Facebook  page- we reply quickly!

While on holiday in Catania you can’t miss an excursion to Mt. Etna!
Choose the one that’s right for you:
Etna and Alcantara Gorges TourHiking Tour of Mt. Etna

Package code: 1807271626

Folk Traditions Festival in Petralia

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That’s right, folk is not just tradition, but a life style! It’s like a drug; once you go into the tunnel, you can’t come out. You don’t even try to stop, but if for some reason, you distance yourself from it for awhile, you miss it. After awhile you get used to being without it, but as soon as you hear that distinct sound of a cheerful accordion or an upbeat mazurka, you realize that your feet are independent of the rest of your body being commanded by the beat.

The Festival of Popular TraditionsPantomime dance of Cordella in Petralia Sottana (Palermo) is an example. This will be the XXXV Mediterranean Meeting of International Folklore held every year during August in this beautiful location within the Madonie Park. During the typical celebration of the Cordella dance, the ancient peasant traditions are recalled as a sign of hope for a fruitful harvest and married life. The festival lasts for four intense days that are packed with events, workshops and concerts from morning until late evening. There are even signing and dance workshops for children.

petralia-folk-festival-2018The last day is where the real party takes place which consists of the re-enactment of the traditional Sicilian wedding complete with a church ceremony and a wedding procession that from the village parades up to the pine forest above Petralia Sottana. The traditional Cordella dance concludes the festivities in a blaze of colored ribbons woven by twelve pairs of dancers to the rhythm of the cheerful sound of the tambourines.
Over the course of these four days the city changes its appearance, coming alive with people of all ages who fill the streets. Guests will notice the proud faces of children in their traditional garb and locals who participate enthusiastically keeping their island’s folk culture alive. Parades of local folk groups and international guests, cuisine from around the world, book lectures and finally concerts will delight.

But that’s not all. Grab a speaker, connect to a telephone, find a free square, some dancers and start again. Maybe you’ll only start with a few, 6 or 8 people, but as the music goes on, some passerbys stop to look. The energy and enthusiasm soon overwhelms them, and their swept into the growing climax of the dance. 

Folklore-petralia-sottana-eventiIt captures you and overwhelms you in its vortex.
It is an indispensable exchange of energy! You suddenly realize you are very tired, but the energy that your body expended is all returned to you in spirit by your dance partner, the people who dance around you, the music, the joviality of the moment, the desire to dance until exhaustion, to make friends and to fly … you realize that your body  no longer feels tired.

The newcomers can initially be skeptical, embarrassed because they do not know the steps or people with whom you dance; it’s normal. The Circassian circle loosens tension, loosens the body, confuses you, amuses you. You are inexorably involved. When the music starts, the dancers frantically run in search of a partner. There are never enough men. You search through the crowd looking for a volunteer. You can not find one. You draw one against his will. Resistance. You hastily reassure him that the steps are easy and that he will learn them in a few rounds, at each change of partner. It begins. He’s tense and embarrassed. He hesitates and his steps are uncertain. He continuously makes mistakes, again and again until finally, he’s having fun. He’s passionate and alive.

There is no age. Everyone is dancing with everyone. It is pure magic.

For more exciting ideas in the Palermo area, read our other articles: HimeraPorticello


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Artigianato Vivo Festival in Cison di Valmarino

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Cison di Valmarino

ArtigianatoVivo is an artisan festival held from 5 to 15 August in Cison di Valmarino in the province of Treviso, between Follina and Vittorio Veneto. It has steadily and increasingly attracted thousands of tourists from far and wide since 1980. There is talk of a turnout of 400,000 people this year.

The town of Cison – which has recently been inducted into the exclusive “club” of Borghi Più Belli d’Italia (Most Beautiful Villages of Italy)– comes to the forefront of excellent artisan craftsmanship that Italy truly does best.

200 exhibitors will present their unique products made strictly by hand at stands throughout the village. These types of festivals keep the Italian tradition and the art of “know-how” alive in this technological era in which craftsmanship is slowly dying.

In conjunction with the event, the Proloco organizes a series of side events such as concerts, animation shows, exhibitions and literary meetings.


Castle Brandolini


As I said, the tourist turnout is very high, and the whole territory merits a holiday of at least a few days. The artisan festival is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful area.

Cison di Valmarino is located in Valmareno, a valley dominated by the fortifications of the XII century Brandolini Castle which has been converted into a luxury hotel.

The Brandolini Counts were men of arms in feudal times and later became gentlemen dedicated to the economy, leaving an indelible imprint throughout the village.

The heart of the historic center is Piazza Roma which is dominated by Palazzo Marcello. It was the ancient Venetian villa of the Venetian doges Marcello, famous winners of the battle of Lepanto and the Loggia.

You will notice while walking through Cison that almost all the old houses have red or maroon shutters; a red that in these parts is called Rosso Brandolini.


Antiche Cantine Brandolini

Another example of the restoration of feudal buildings is the Antiche Cantine Brandolini. The building already appeared, as a basic structure, in fifteenth century maps. It has always been a particularly important place for the life of the village: built by the Brandolini family, it was initially used as a stable and then adapted to the wine production and conservation of agricultural products. It’s proof that the viticulture industry was already present in this area in distant times due to the high demand from Venice and the entire Veneto region.

As early as 1440, Valmareno already specialized in the cultivation of vines … and even today the entrire economy of the area is based on the production of wine, especially Prosecco.

Needless to say, this is an area where food and wine tastings are among the top tourist attractions. 

Cison-artigianato-vivo-2018-rolleRolle of Cison di Valmarino

You can not go to visit Cison di Valmarino without going through Rolle, a very small town surrounded by Prosecco vineyards. The poet Andrea Zanzotto defined it as “a postcard sent by the gods”. Beautiful all year through, the most fascinating season to visit Rolle is undoubtedly in autumn when the hills glow red.


Copyright photo The most beautiful village in Italy + Antiche Case Brandolini + Rolle: Carla La Rocca

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Islands of the Ponza Archipelago off the Coast of Rome



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After having covered the beaches of the island of Ponza in detail, now it’s time to shine a light on its “companions”. We are talking about the Ponza archipelago islands of: Santo Stefano, Ventotene, Palmarola, Zannone and Gavi. Let’s find out more about these little jewels.

 Ventotene Island

Let’s start from the second largest island that makes up this archipelago. Ventotene is the ideal destination for those looking for a quiet but luxury vacation. The sea here is clean and clear, characterized by a dark backdrop due to the rocks typical of volcanic islands. In the uncontaminated green that distinguishes this island, the northern side of the island is populated.

To arrive at Ventotene, you’ll depart from the port of Formi, easily reachable by all means of transport (the journey by ferry takes a couple of hours). A must see is the Roman port of Ventotene: excavated in the tuff, it offers a mix of nature and irresistible history, with a magnificent backdrop where you can admire the ancient fish ponds that once stood here. There are numerous hiking trails to do on this island, such as the paths that reach the Cisterna of Villa Stefania and the Cisterna dei Detenuti. The coast of Ventotene is mainly rocky, but there are also beautiful beaches like that of Cala Nave or Cala Rossano. To disembark in Ventotene you’ll pay a small fee (€ 1.50), whether it is a ferry or a private boat. The island is perfectly connected both to the mainland and to the other surrounding islands.


Palmarola Island

This is the third largest island of the Pontian archipelago, after Ponza and Ventotene. This island is also called the hairpin because of its shape, but its name derives from the dwarf palm that grows wild in this area. Not surprisingly, Palmarola is the wildest island of the archipelago. On this island there are no houses, accommodations or ports. You’ll only find one restaurant with some rooms for rent. Typical and unique to Palmarola are the cave houses– dwellings that have been carved into the rock. Palmarola can only be reached from Ponza and you can also organize beautiful excursions. Alternatively, you can  also rent a private boat to reach the island.

The coasts of Palmarola are wonderful, in fact this island is part of a nature reserve. There are numerous caves and coves that will delight the most adventurous tourists. The most beautiful and those undoubtedly not to be missed are: the Cathedral, the Faraglione di Mezzogiorno, the Grotta del Gatto and the Galere. Cala del Porto or Spiaggia della Maga Circe (also called Spiaggia de O’Francese) and Cala Brigantina are also fantastic.


 Zannone Island

Our tour brings us to Zannone. Among the smaller islands along with Gavi and Santo Stefano, Zannone is deserted and only inhabited by two forest rangers. This small island is part of the Circeo National Park. Il Varo is the only place where you can land and where you will find an ancient Roman fish market, carved from the rock. The trekking routes, despite the island’s size, are numerous and one of the most beautiful starts from il Varo. At the end of the hike, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of Ponza and Palmarola. The island of Zannone has been uninhabited for a long time, so if you’d like to venture out and visit, you have to book through the Circeo National Park. You can get to the various beaches by sea or through some paths that cross the woods and rocks.

Gavi Island

The island of Gavi is completely uninhabited, but it is easily reachable by private boat since there are no commercial or public ferries offered. This tiny island has numerous caves and diving spots that might be worth the effort if you are so inclined. 

Santo Stefano Island

Let’s talk about another of the small islands of the Ponza archipelago: Santo Stefano. This island is famous for hosting one of the oldest prison facilities. Unfortunately, there is no beach where tourists can stop, rest and enjoy the sun, but despite this small detail, the island of Santo Stefano offers magnificent views.


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Summer Events in Lignano Sabbiadoro on the Adriatic Sea



Eight kilometers of golden, sandy beaches and forty fully-equipped bathing establishments that provide everything you need to enjoy the sun (and rest in the shade) in the middle of the beach. We’re referring to Lignano Sabbiadoro– an Adriatic coastal city in the Udine province in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is a place of a thousand faces, that of Lignano. A place that is suited for comfortable family holidays in the many apartments to be rented to luxury in its amazing hotels complete with a dedicated beach and embellished with elegant gazebos and chaise lounges. In Lignano, the nights never end bouncing from discotheques to bars to finishing off the night with breakfast at dawn in any of the numerous cafes. Maybe you’re the camping type enjoying a game of bocce or cards on the balcony in the coolness of the pinewood. 


Where the Summer Never Ends

On the shores of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the summer seems to never end and there is always an excuse to stay. Establishments that rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs, sunbeds and cabins offer a decidedly wide range of options (from the most affordable to the most exclusive), and in some parts of the coast, you are allowed to bring your own (known as spiaggia libera). There are numerous walking paths throughout the area that make the beautiful beaches easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.

There is always a bar nearby to quench your thirst with a drink, for a quick meal or for a legendary mega cone of Lignano’s exceptional gelato. Along the entire beach, sports abound for people of all ages (organized by professional teams) such as: sailing, swimming and surfing. When the sun sets, the nightlife begins with the latest group dances and big name concerts to entertain the lucky visitors.

And as for scheduled events, Lignano has an edge beyond compare! For complete details, visit Lignano’s official website in English.


Program of Events

July 2019

18-21: MI Games- football, basketball and beach volleyball tournament

19: Irama in concert

20-21: Lega Volley summer tour; Vertical summer tour

22: Diana Orfei

24: Moda d’autore Lignano and Fiorella Mannoia in concert 

26: Tiromancino in concert

27: The Color Run

28: Anggun in concert

29: Ruggero de i Timidi cabaret show


1: Morgan in concert: the White Dukes 

2: EHF Championship- under 17 women’s and Debora Villa comedy show

4: Nomadi in concert- Tutta la Vita tour

5: Teo Teocoli- “Tutto Teo” free show

6: The Real Abba Tribute concert

7: Concert Pinguini Tattici Nucleari + Rumatera

8: Harmony Gospel Singers concert

11: Frecce Tricolori Air show and concert Faber per sempre

12: Salmo in concert

15: the Offspring in concert and ferragosto fireworks show

16: Incendio del mare- fireworks display in Lignano pineta

20: Festival show- free

21: the Legend of Morricone

23: Edoardo Bennato in concert

24: Renzo Arbore and ItalianaVisualizza orchestra

28: Jovanotti concert- Jova Beach Party


1: Sup Race

5: Italian archery championships

8: Aquatic Runner Italy 30 km

28: Italian championships triathlon






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Inspector Montalbano’s Sicily



Sicily is the island of wonders- a place where cultural, historical, gastronomic and cinematographic tourism mix together. And it is precisely in this region that one of the most loved Italian TV series has been shot. Let’s discover the city of Montalbano!

Montalbano- the Series

Based on the novels written by Andrea Camilleri, the plot deals with the events of Salvo Montalbano, the commissioner of Vigata. He’s a diligent person, serious and reliable in his work. The commissioner finds himself investigating the crime scenes of his land, where he always manages to reconstruct the events and find the solution to the case. The series also develops around the commissioner’s private life. Italians have been following Montalbano since 1999 and it’s now in its thirteenth season and it is currently being broadcast in over 13 countries throughout Europe and the world.




Those that are now commonly called “the places of Montalbano” are scattered throughout the island. We start from the province of Syracuse where the municipalities of Noto, Portopalo di Capo Passero and the seaside village of Marzamemi have been the backdrop for numerous scenes of the series. We then move on to the famous house of Inspector Montalbano, located in Marina di Ragusa and more precisely, in Santa Croce Camerina. The police station is in Scicli, a UNESCO heritage town. Finally, many scenes were filmed in Porto Empedocle (Camilleri’s birthplace) and in Agrigento.

So if you like this TV series, take advantage of the summer season to visit the set and the city of Montalbano! Plan your visit and discover the beautiful island of Sicily!


Sardinia and the Beaches of San Teodoro



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Sardinia‘s Gallura Coast is becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. Let’s find out in detail what this area has to offer and the San Teodoro beaches that you absolutely must visit!

La Cinta Beach

Perhaps the most known and crowded of San Teodoro, La Cinta is a spacious, white-sand beach with crystal clear water. Go early in the morning and try to head towards the end of the stretch if you want to have more “privacy”. To get there, just follow the countless signs that are posted and park in the lot right in front of the main entrance. It is paid parking, but you’re in luck, because by Sardinian standards, it’s moderately priced. This large beach is sprinkled with little cafes and establishments for renting umbrellas and sunbeds. The only flaw of this fantastic place is, as already mentioned, the massive crowds.


Capo Coda Cavallo

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this beach! Capo Coda Cavallo’s sea is a myriad of  ​​beautiful colors and crystal clear water. The beach is mostly rocky, but the sand becomes finer as you approach the shore and seabed. The biggest challenge of this marvel, if not the only flaw, is the paid parking (10 €) that fills up quickly. Arrive early in the morning to make sure and find a space. Another suggestion is to wear comfortable shoes, because to get to the beach from the car park there is a trail of about 150 m between the rocks and the Mediterranean scrub. Along your walk, there will be a breathtaking view of the islets and of the cliff. Proratora Island is easily accessible by swimming from the beach. You can also rent beach umbrellas, sunbeds, pedal boats and much more.

Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, so much so that it is also known as “little Tahiti”. It is located in Capo Coda Cavallo and in front of it, rise the islands of Tavolara and Molara. This is the most spectacular beach in San Teodoro- a true pearl of all of Gallura. It’s characterized by fine, golden sand which contrasts with the intense blue of the crystalline water that surrounds it. In addition, Mother Nature has gifted it with a pine forest with well-kept gardens. The beach is “free” and there is only one private establishment on this beach. It does get crowded and shares parking with the nearby beach of Capo Coda Cavallo. This paradise on earth is well worth any minor effort required in getting there!



The cove of Puntaldìa looks right onto the majestic silhouette of Tavolara island- a view without rival. It boasts a backdrop of fine sand, with shallow and transparent waters that reflect the sunlight. Almost always sheltered from the wind, it is perfect to spend entire days sunbathing and swimming. Just outside the bay, however, the breeze makes this location perfect for windsurfing. There are plenty of diving centers along the beach as well. This well-known area is full of luxury accommodation facilities, pristine tourist villages and ultra-modern villas. In the residential center, you’ll also find a tourist port with numerous restaurants and other amenities.

These are only some of San Teodoro’s most famous beaches, but don’t think for a minute they are the only ones. There’s more to come on the lesser known coves of the area- be ready!

The Etruscan Coast in Tuscany




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When you think of Tuscany, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the rolling, green hills dotted with olive trees and vineyards that produce some of the finest wines the world has ever known. You probably haven’t considered its coastline much. The truth is that the entire peninsula of Italy is blessed with pristine shores that rival, if not surpass, the beauty of the Caribbean. The Etruscan Coast is a stretch of heaven from Livorno to Piombino. Only about a two-hour ferry ride to the islands of the Tuscan archipelago including Elba and Capraia, it’s also a perfect port for those wanting to explore. The towns of San Vincenzo, Baratti and Populonia are probably the most characteristic. 

San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a lovely, coastal town with everything a visitor could possibly need- and then some- for a fantastic vacation. Its pedestrian-friendly corso has hundreds of shops that vary from boutique-style to souvenirs. It boasts fine restaurants and bars where you can taste the best of Livorno’s classic seafood dishes such as cacciucco. 

Its 11 km of beaches have consistently been awarded the “blue flag” and the “green flag” (suitable for children) and are varied enough that you’ll find not only the perfect spot in shallow waters for young children, but also for water sports of all kinds. In fact, scuba diving is very popular in the area because of the crystal clear waters and unique species you’ll encounter when exploring. The loggerhead sea turtle routinely deposits its eggs  in the Rimigliano Park area. Beach goers will enjoy numerous options available from “free” beaches to fully equipped bathing establishments. If you’re traveling with “Fido”, the area is also famous for its dog beaches located along the shores in Rimigliano Park

The Tower of San Vincenzo dates back to 1300 and was constructed to defend the coast from frequent pirate attacks. Giorgio Vasari depicted the famous battle of San Vincenzo of 1505 between the Pisans and the Florentines which is now housed in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. 

the- etruscan-coast-dooid


Getting around San Vincenzo is a visitor’s dream because the city has gone to great lengths to make your stay as convenient as possible. The entire area is bike-friendly and if you weren’t able to bring yours, have no fear because there are multiple places from which to rent your wheels! There is also a shuttle called the “trenino” which runs throughout the town in the evenings from the end of June through mid September. It’s also a free Wi-Fi city allowing you to connect for several hours a day throughout the city. During the summer months, you can also enjoy loads of free entertainment from music to children’s programs.


Located just south of San Vincenzo’s Rimigliano Park, the area of Baratti is the heart of the ancient Etruscan settlement dating back to the 9th century BC. This industrious population thrived using the area as a coastal hub and importing hematite from nearby Elba island to be used for iron work. They also mined silver, copper and lead and evidence of their amazing civilization can be seen in the archaeological park in Baratti and Populonia. There are guided visits and various itineraries depending on how much time you plan to dedicate. Baratti’s beaches are unique due to their slightly red-tinted sand coming from the rich, iron mineral deposits. If you’re willing to explore, there are still spots during low-season months where you can enjoy almost complete silence and of course, crystal clear waters.


Located on the top of a hill, the town of Populonia was one of the twelve city-states of ancient Etruria. It was later populated by the Romans beginning in the second century BC. You’ll find parking at the top of the hill and enter through the old gate. You can picnic on the grassy area just before you enter if you like. Its most striking feature is the castle that dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Views from the top are absolutely stunning! The Cornia Valley, Baratti Gulf and the Tuscan archipelago will take your breath away. 

the- etruscan-coast-dooid

The Etruscan Coast is a tourist’s paradise providing everything you need for the perfect vacation– from fine, coastal living to history and culture to gorgeous beaches.


Perugia and its Umbria Jazz!



“If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” 

Louis Armstrong

Capital of the beautiful Umbria region, Perugia is a magical city just waiting to be explored. Right in its historic center, it hosts events of international acclaim such as Eurochocolate in autumn and Umbria Jazz in July.

In fact, from July 12-21, Umbria Jazz will celebrate its 46th edition with greats such as Lauryn Hill

A total of 300 events – mostly free – 95 bands and 300 musicians performing over 10 days in 12 different locations in Perugia!


You’ll be entertained by: international guests such as the Clinics of Berklee College of Music, the Conad jazz contest for new talents, initiatives and workshops for children, food and wine, the photographic exhibition of Jimmy Katz at the National Gallery, swing dance lessons and dj sets.

For ten days Perugia will be teeming with music and entertainment until late into the night. The program of events is rich and varied and the city will be “dressed” in incomparable beauty and softened by the smooth tones of jazz.


To visit Perugia is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a true fourteenth-century village, among the most beautiful on the Italian peninsula. Do not miss: Piazza IV Novembre and the Gothic Palazzo dei Priori, among other things also home of the National Gallery of the Umbria region; the cathedral, symbol of religious power; and the dominant Fontana Maggiore fed by the waters of the aqueduct coming from Monte Pacciano.

Perugia is truly a city of culture par excellence!

Visit the official Umbria Jazz website for the detailed program


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Lidos in Emilia-Romagna- 7 of the Best


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The lidos in Emilia-Romagna are seaside resorts that occupy about 25 kilometers of the Ferrara coastline in Comacchio, within the Po Delta Park nature reserve. Comacchio is also known as the “little Venice”, due to the many bridges and canals that cross it. It’s formed from thirteen islets grouped between the Po Delta and the sea. Probably of Etruscan origin, today it enchants visitors from all over the world with its monuments and its natural beauty. In this article, however, we will skip the details on art and culture and focus on Comacchio’s seven lidos. Let’s get to know them one by one!

Lido di Volano

Coming from the north, the first of the lidos is Volano. In ancient times, it was a small fishing village, while today it is a true naturalistic oasis. Very close to the banks of the Po River, this beach is completely immersed in nature. The soft golden beach is surrounded by water valleys, marine pockets and of course lush vegetation. It is truly a perfect place for those who love nature, biking and horseback riding. The sea is usually clear and blue with sandy bottoms and excellent for long swims. The color can change due to the proximity to the mouth of the river. Despite this, the water has a pleasant temperature. This beach is among the least crowded, and thanks to the low turnout and the quiet that ensues, you can spot animals that come from the nearby pine forest.


Lido delle Nazioni

Unlike the previous Lido, characterized by peace and nature, Lido delle Nazioni is instead the perfect place for young people, fun and entertainment. Years ago, it was a very quiet area where there was nothing but an expanse of sand and sea. Today, it is made up of large avenues full of restaurants, pubs, discos, shops and so on and so forth! In addition to evening entertainment, the Lido delle Nazioni offers countless opportunities for sports enthusiasts: on the Lake delle Nazioni there is a sailing school, but you can also canoe and there is also a tennis court. If you want to horseback ride, you can do that too!

Lido di Pomposa

The Lido d Pomposa is among the quietest and most peaceful of this part of the Adriatic coast and it is for this reason that it is the most popular with families. This beach boasts the most modern bathing establishments fully equipped to welcome small tourists as well as lifeguards to keep them safe. The sand here is fine and golden, but there’s much more to do than just build sandcastles! Outdoor sports of all kinds can be enjoyed both on the beach and in the pine forest in the center. For adrenaline enthusiasts, the Lido di Pomposa provides the Circuito di Pomposa Kart track, where both national and international level competitions are held.


Lido degli Scacchi

Continuing south, a few hundred meters from Pomposa, you’ll find the Lido degli Scacchi. It’s similar to the other shores, with its sandy beach and pine forest as a frame, but this is a truly enchanting area with sand dunes that break the landscape from the shore. This fabulous view will be yours during the course of your holiday. Summers here are packed with events enlivening visitors’ evenings with music and food.

Porto Garibaldi

Originally, this fishing village was called “Magnavacca”, but then took the name of the “Hero of the Two Worlds” (Giuseppe Garibaldi) following the landing in 1849. Known mainly for the importance of its port, where a large number of fishing boats dock, this shore holds its own against its fellow beaches. Suitable for all ages, but especially for young people, Porto Garibaldi is full of fun, sport and relaxation.

Lido degli Estensi

This lido is the apex of fun and the choice beach for nightlife and shopping. Shops, pubs and discos are concentrated along the Viale Carducci. The beach itself is wide and golden with numerous resorts including the recently built, “Marina degli Estensi” tourist port.

Lido di Spina

The seventh beach of Comacchio is Lido di Spina. We are right on the border with the nearby province of Ravenna. Originally, “Spina” was a city of Etruscan origin founded in the Comacchio Valleys. Characterized by nature and tranquility, in this area there are many villas near the beach. There is no lack of fun here either! Countless sporting activities as well as nightclubs are present here.


Whether you are traveling with your family or single with friends, the lidos in Emilia-Romagna will not disappoint! 

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Abruzzo: Discovering the Teramana Coast


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Along the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of Abruzzo’s Teramana Coast, is a stretch of some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Located within the Torre del Cerrano marine protected area, Pineto is considered the “pearl” of this riviera and has been awarded the prestigious “blue flag” a total of sixteen times. The beaches of Torre del Cerrano are also blue flag beaches.

Award-Winning Beaches

Not only is it a “blue flag” beach, but it’s also a “green flag” beach. The “green flag” is awarded by Italian pediatricians who rate beaches based on child-friendly criteria. If it’s to be awarded, it must have a wide shoreline with fine sand; crystal clear waters; a gentle slope from the shore into the sea; shallow waters; lifeguards available; and services such as restaurants, restrooms, and family-friendly fun. The beaches of Pineto have it all! The 10 km long expanse of fine, golden sand is both long and wide. Its shores are lined with a pine forest– some of which was planted in the 1950’s- which makes it the ideal combination of sea and nature.


Outdoor Activities

Pineto is famous for its long, well-cared for cycling and walking paths that line the shore and weave under the shade of the characteristic stone pines known for their umbrella-like canopy. Along with cycling and walking, there are numerous camping sites and kiosks where you can rent all types of sporting gear- from mountain bikes to windsurfing. In the heart of town, you’ll also find basketball and tennis courts as well as one of the largest roller-skating rinks in Italy!

You’ll find a multitude of bathing establishments where you can rent umbrellas and lounges as well as numerous areas that are designated as “free” beaches. After  you’ve enjoyed a day at the beach, you’ll want to get back out in the evening for Pineto’s nightlife. The entire coastline is packed with every kind of event imaginable on summer evenings- from children’s theater, to DJs in the piazzas, to comedy acts. For late-late night entertainment, there are also numerous discotheques and piano bars along the coast.

Torre del Cerrano

The Cerrano Tower lies in the the marine protected area of the same name- Torre del Cerrano and was built by the Spanish in 1568. It protected the Teramana coastline from the frequent Turkish and Saracen attacks. It has been completely restored and now houses a marine biology center as well as a museum where you can learn all about the local ecosystem and the amazing progress being made through current research. 


As if all this weren’t enough, there is a brand new floating water park that just opened as well! The Parco Acquatico d’Abruzzo T&O is maze of floating fun for the entire family!

Read more about the fabulous region of Abruzzo!

Italian Riviera- the Riviera di Levante



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Genova is in the heart of the Italian Riviera along the Ligurian Sea which is divided into two main sections: the Riviera di Ponente (coast of the setting sun) and the Riviera di Levante (coast of the rising sun). The Riviera di Levante extends from Genova southward to Capo Corvo. Three of the most gorgeous beaches on the Riviera di Levante are: Spiagge di Zoagli, Cavi di Lavagna and Sestri Levante. The entire area is known for its pesto Genovese, its soft focaccia bread, and its fresh seafood dishes. It’s also the perfect area for all kinds of outdoor sporting activities from mountain biking to boating to hiking trails. The climate is beautiful and mild the entire year, but summer is of course, when the area thrives. 

Spiagge di Zoagli

Zoagli is only about an hour by train or car from Genova. It has been known for centuries for its production of fine silks. Beginning in the 19th century, it was already well known as a tourist destination and visitors such as Nietzsche, Kandinsky, Ezra Pound and Sem Benelli were singing its praises. The rocky shores hug the deep blue Gulf of Tigullio and some of the most renowned spots are Pozzetto Beach, Duca and Arenella.

The city built a fantastic railed walkway that hugged the shore and even connected Duca Beach to the main square, but, unfortunately, a storm did major damage this past October and the city is currently working to rebuild it. While the beaches are still accessible, it may not be the easiest choice for families with young children. There are various hiking trails from Zoagli including the Sentiero dei 5 Campanili trail and one that reaches the Montallegro Sanctuary.


Cavi di Lavagna

Cavi di Lavagna is a four kilometer stretch of gorgeous beaches along the Tigullio Gulf. You’ll find both sandy and rocky beaches with loads of amenities to make your beach day pleasurable. Bars, restaurants, beach equipment rental and bathing establishments line the shore which is perfect for visitors that do not want to haul a lot of stuff from their hotel room down to the beach. There are kiosks as well for quick meals. This “blue flag” beach is an ideal stretch for families with young children. The village of Cavi is a tiny, picturesque fishing village with colorful buildings and shops that look like a postcard snapshot. You can also reach the nearby town of Lavagna on foot if you feel like exploring.

Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante is also known as the “City of Two Seas” because it is divided between the Baia delle Favole or the Bay of Fairy Tales and the Baia del Silenzio or the Bay of Silence. The beaches of Sestri Levante are truly fairy tale-like and have seen the likes of illustrious guests such as Lord Byron and Goethe. Its deep blue waters and calm sea combined with both “free” beaches and bathing establishments make it the ideal destination for any beach-goer. The Baia del Silenzio was awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice™ Beaches Awards 2019, and came in fifth place among the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy. Its crystal clear water and fine sand is protected to the west by the Punta Manara promontory. It also hosts a beautiful boat festival called the Barcarolata the last Sunday of every July. 


The Italian Riviera has so much to offer! Stay tuned for more incredible destinations!


Amalfi Coast: Visiting Salerno and its Sea


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If you plan to head to the Amalfi Coast this summer, you can’t miss visiting Salerno and its magnificent historic center! This is a mini-guide on what to see in Salerno in the summer. You will find many ideas for your experience- the perfect mix of art, culture and nature!

The Historic Center

Salerno is a town in the region of Campania where the residents are always enthusiastic and happy to welcome tourists from all over the world. With an unparalleled charm, everyone who visits this city will fall in love. Walking through the streets and squares of Salerno, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back into the past. As you stroll about the alleys, churches, palaces and artisan shops, you’ll breathe in the splendor of this city’s remarkable history.

The historic center is testimony to the medieval period when Salerno was at the height of its glory. Don’t miss Castello di Arechi, a practically intact fortress that has maintained its original appearance. From the castle you can enjoy excellent views of the city and the Gulf of Salerno.

Another must-visit is the Duomo which was built during the Norman period and dedicated to the city’s patron, Saint Matthew. There are also many characteristic museums throughout Salerno.

Nightlife is centered mainly on the Lungomare Trieste, where a large number of bars and restaurants offer a vast choice for the more outgoing visitors.


Fiordo Furore and Conca dei Marini

After visiting the historic center of Salerno, let yourself be enchanted by two of Mother Nature’s most amazing sights in the area: the Furore Fjord and the Conca dei Marini.

Along the Amalfi Coast, there is a truly magical place, characterized by houses that rise in the middle of the rock. Furore is called “the town that is not there” for this reason. The small town has just 1,000 residents and its colorful houses add to the fairy tale atmosphere. Furore is like an open-air art gallery: walking through its streets you can admire fantastic murals and works by street artists and others. Even its beaches have a touch of magic. The rock and the sheer mountain plunge into the sea, creating evocative little bays and fjords.

Conca dei Marini, nestled in the arms of the cliff, is the main feature of this wonderful beach. The village is inhabited by just a few people, who live in characteristic houses that overlook the beach. Just a few steps from Fiordo Furore, what once was just a fishing village, today, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The flagship of Conca dei Marini is without a doubt the Emerald Grotto. This karst cavity was discovered in 1932 by a local fisherman, and can be reached by boats coming from Amalfi or via the steps or elevators that have been constructed.


Campania is a region that has much to offer in terms of tourism, but its sea is what has made it so famous. If this guide on what to see in Salerno has you wanting more- stay tuned for what’s to come!