Visiting Palazzuolo sul Senio Near Florence

Palazzuolo sul Senio is part of the province of Florence bordering the Emilia-Romagna region. It is a small town surrounded by woods and chestnut groves. The woods are lush, rich in timber, good for the local people, and are a real economic resource.

In this small town, there are no polluting companies or intensive cultivation. The waters of its streams come from the highest peaks of the surrounding mountains and then pour into the river Reno. Palazzuolo sul Senio, although small, has every service necessary for a community and those who visit it. For a long time, this little paradise remained unknown to many, but now it enjoys tourism, and those who do come, never forget it. 


In 1999, Palazzuolo took part in a competition promoted by the magazine Airone and was voted among the 10 most livable municipalities in Italy. The economy is supported through some micro-enterprises and on “green” tourism. It’s the ideal location for tourists and locals who want to spend their holiday in total relaxation, take beautiful walks, practice various outdoor sports, and enjoy various cultural events throughout the year.

What to See in Palazzuolo sul Senio

Two small gems to visit are the Archaeological Museum and the Civiltà Contadina, housed in the historic Palazzo dei Capitani. The village has a public swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball court, mini-golf, a sports field, a campsite and a camper car park. The Senio stream, in its descent to the valley, hides suggestive places suitable for bathing.


In Palazzuolo sul Senio there are no great monuments, these are in nearby Florence, Bologna, or Ravenna, but the two museums explain and represent the history of this small community very well. The Convent and Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Nevi, the Vallombrosana Abbey of Badia di Susinana with its small village, and the crypt of Misileo will take you back in time to the splendid medieval history of the territory. From the village and the hamlets, there are numerous paths that lead to the open countryside.

The “Ghetto”

Built around the end of the 14th century and active until around the 16th century, the “Ghetto” housed a small Jewish community, charged with collecting tolls towards Romagna. Since the bargaining was forbidden to Christians, it was relegated to the Jews.

The road passed from Piazza del Crocifisso, past the present-day Giardino dei Macchi, until it reached the current square. There were therefore three parallel roads: today’s Via Roma, Via di mezzo (in the middle in fact), and this road that led to Romagna. There is also a Jewish cemetery that was used for burials even after the edict of Saint Cloud (1804) until the unification of Italy after which the construction of the current cemetery began.

What to Eat

The local gastronomy brings with it the flavors and aromas of local products. Grandmothers’ recipes, handed down from generation to generation, continue to be the cornerstone of the local menu. On numerous occasions during events, visitors can taste the local recipes in the piazzas. 

Tasty sausages (pig and wild boar) and chestnuts, mushrooms, and truffles make up the heart of the menu especially during the autumn and winter seasons.

Getting There

A14: EXIT Imola motorway coming from the NORTH, if from SOUTH exit at the Faenza motorway exit, follow the Via Emilia up to Castel Bolognese, follow for Riolo Terme, Casola Valsenio and Palazzuolo sul Senio

A1: EXIT Barberino del Mugello highway, follow the indications to Borgo San Lorenzo and continue to Faenza / Marradi S.P.302. Climb the Apennines up to the Colla di Casaglia pass where the junction for Palazzuolo sul Senio (16km) is located. S. P. 477. Pass the Sambuca pass and continue until you reach Palazzuolo sul Senio

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